Planning Tips

Plan your trip

To make the most of your family reunion, plan your trip early and gather input from all involved before you leave. That way, you’ll spend your time here enjoying the occasion rather than fretting over details.

  • Get a consensus on the best possible date so everyone can be included.
  • Give plenty of advance notice; that way family members can arrange time off from work and/or school.
  • Let everyone view online photos and information on rental homes before making a selection. Rental agencies have extensive online listings, making it easy for everyone to participate in the house selection process.
  • Send out information to relatives – especially those with children – regarding activities and attractions in the area. Survey them on preferred activities.
  • Assign bedrooms and sleeping arrangements ahead of time, based on house information and the number of relatives attending. This will save time during the unpacking and moving-in phase when everyone arrives.
  • Have special “reunion” t-shirts printed before you go. Wearing these as a group on the beach makes for a unique keepsake photo.
  • Assign individual families a night to cook dinner and clean the kitchen for the group.
  • For a special evening, have dinner out or hire a personal chef to cook a meal at your rental home so the whole group can have a relaxing evening together.
  • Designate “on your own” time to let individuals or small families do their own thing.
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