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Travel is about discovery, and an enjoyable trip can be one of life’s most memorable experiences. Get out there and travel, but travel responsibly. Help make a positive difference so that we — and future generations — can keep on discovering!

Your means of travel and behavior while on vacation can have a lasting and potentially negative effect on the environment. The desire for travel can add up to one big carbon footprint. Accommodation providers consume huge amounts of energy to heat and air condition rooms, wash laundry, power TVs, and radios and to light rooms and hallways. After checking out, each guest will have contributed to bags of trash.

However, changing your travel habits can reduce your carbon footprint without reducing your fun! While you are vacationing on the beautiful Currituck Outer Banks, be sure to check out these eco-friendly activities you and your family will enjoy.

Reduce Your Carbon Footprint
If you drive or fly, you can off-set the fuel used by making a donation to organizations that support sustainable travel practices.

Treat hotel resources, such as water and energy, with the same consideration as you would at home. Aim to reduce consumption, minimize waste, and reuse what you can. Many hotels will give you the option to reuse towels and bed sheets if you are staying for more than one night, which helps to conserve the water and electricity used to wash them.

Carbon Off-Set Credits
Consider purchasing Carbon Off-Set Credits with Sustainable Travel International. You can calculate the amount of carbon you produce while traveling and purchase credits to off-set your carbon footprint. Check It Out!

Local Businesses Help

Twiddy & Company is exploring & implementing environmentally-friendly practices; servicing our owners and guests requires administrative, maintenance and housekeeping efforts and our green efforts permeate each facet of the business. Learn How

Outer Banks Blue is making a difference in the environment by applying several “green” practices to everyday business procedures. These help the earth but also benefit their home owners and guests. Learn How

The Weeping Radish Brewery is one of the only breweries in the United States that has 100% glass reuse policy. They feel very strongly that the small breweries, should take the initiative and create a much lower carbon footprint.

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