About Us

Located in the northeastern corner of North Carolina, Currituck County on the Outer Banks offers visitors an intriguing and diverse environment. While we are famous for our pristine family-friendly beaches, the truth is that the magic of Currituck speaks to all ages, genders and interests. Bring yourself, and let us do the rest.

Every season lends a unique and beautiful tint to the Currituck Outer Banks. Bring your kayak, hiking boots, birdwatcher’s handbook and camera, because you won’t want to miss a moment.

Throughout the summer and into fall, the beaches are filled with surfers, sunbathers and vacationers from all around the country, drawn to the sunny days, warm waves and serene beaches. Visitors to Currituck in the spring may be lucky enough to see the young foals returning to join the last herd of wild Spanish Mustangs in the world.

As the sweetness of summer begins to fade along with tans, the winter months settle over Currituck like a comforting blanket. Our off-season offers a uniquely secluded and peaceful holiday opportunity. Enjoy a romantic seaside getaway or plan a weekend retreat with friends.

We’re easy going and up for anything, so stop on by and see us.