Swan Hunting

swan hunting

As most migratory birds head south for the winter, flocks of tundra swans make their way to northeastern North Carolina each year in order to take advantage of the hospitable climate and bountiful food supply. Around 65,000-75,000 swans fly to Currituck County each fall, and these swans populate the Currituck Sound and surrounding fields, giving waterfowl hunters in North Carolina a chance to take home these beautiful trophy birds.

North Carolina swan hunting produces more successful tundra swan hunting excursions than any other state, with most hunting lodges or associations guaranteeing a hunting success on all guided hunting runs.

Swan hunting is also popularly combined with other waterfowl hunting. Swan and goose hunting can be done over fields, while swan and duck hunting works well around the marshy Currituck Sound. Over 20,000 acres of land are available for Currituck swan hunting.

There are 5,000 permits available at the end of the summer, and interested North Carolina hunters or non-resident hunters can receive their permit by being chosen from the lottery system. To apply for your North Carolina swan hunting permit, visit the North Carolina Wildlife Resources Commission.

Season Dates and Bag Limits provided by the NC Wildlife Resource Commission.