Ghost Crabbing

Although their name is spooky, these little guys won’t hurt you. They can appear at any time of day, but if you don’t look carefully you might miss it.

They’re called ghost crabs.

Skittering across the shore, digging houses deep in the sand and battling over the best food scraps, ghost crabs are a fascinating and entertaining facet of any Currituck or Corolla trip. With their black eyes waving above their heads inquisitively and their tiny claws held at the ready, some might call them “crabby,” but we know these elusive locals are just shy.

When you’re out on the beach in the sunshine, taking a break from playing in the waves, take a moment to scan the sand around you. You might begin to notice that certain patches of sand seem to be moving – quickly, abruptly, and always when you’re not looking. Stay still long enough, and you’ll start to see them all around you, industriously going about their business.

At night is when the ghost crabs really let loose! Grab some Illuminets (nets that include a waterproof flashlight), throw on some dark clothing and head to the shores of Currituck and Corolla just after dusk. There are sure to be scores of the crabby beachgoers scampering around, and much like deer, they are transfixed by the sudden brightness of your light shining on them. Scoop up a few ghost crabs – if you can – and let the hilarity ensue.

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Happy Crabbing!